A project by Marta Santos.

Somewhere, in a two-bedroom apartment in nearby Caldas da Rainha, on April 16, 2020, World Voice Day, the project Voz das Palavras was born. The goal is to give voice to the words of authors, writers, and poets, and take them to the ears of readers, thus making literature accessible to everyone.

“It is a long time dream, born out of an immense passion for the world of stories and the mysterious fascination of words, fueled by the will of bringing words to anyone who wants to hear the voice I hear when I read them”, says the mentor of this project and storyteller. Marta Santos has the unconditional support of her husband and companion of stories and travels João Agostinho, creative director of the JA Design Studio, who designed all the graphics for this project and does audio and video post-production.

From this “digital window” that opens to the real world, at a time when we are called to stay home and believing that words can be the best way to preserve freedom, the “Voz das Palavras” (Voice of Words)” project is born and brings poetry, free of charge, to people with just a phone call.

This project has already created bonds of affection with the Nursing Home of A-dos-Negros (Municipality of Óbidos), which has allowed poetry to be brought to its inhabitants, especially for special occasions, for example, a patient’s 87th birthday.

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Source: Óbidos Town Council | Óbidos Diário


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