At a time when so much is said about Intangible Heritage, the preservation of our cultural identity, traditions and knowledge is of great importance. It is with this matrix that Óbidos celebrates World Poetry Day. Some poets from Óbidos were gathered and, until March 21, the “Words of Our Earth” will be streamed on the municipality’s social media outlets.

The commitment to invest in the valorization of places was embraced. The goal is to recover and give meaning to local traditions, rituals, stories, endogenous products. This initiative, which in its first phase, counts with the participation of six poets and will continue inviting all poets in the municipality to participate.

Every year, since 1999, UNESCO celebrates World Poetry Day on March 21st. It is an occasion to celebrate the richness of the world’s cultural and linguistic heritage. It is also an opportunity to draw attention to the traditional forms of poetry that are in danger of disappearing.

Poetry is also this unique art that makes us aware of the extraordinary human diversity: the diversity of languages ​​and cultures. It is a meeting point between the individual and the world. It is an introduction to difference, dialogue, and peace.

It is a testament to the universality of the human condition, in addition to the countless ways used to describe it. It is the moment of celebration for our poets and one of the most important forms of cultural and linguistic expression of Humanity.

Poetry, present in all cultures and on all continents, touches our common humanity and our shared values, transforming the simplest poem into a powerful catalyst for intercultural dialogue and peace.


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