Between the 17th and 19th of June, the Municipality of Óbidos organized a Masterclass in Translation, aimed at translators who are part of the CELA (Connecting Emerging Literary Artists) project, specifically for those who translate from Portuguese into other languages.

This Masterclass included different activities, such as workshops in the field of literary translation, a presentation of the publishing market in Portugal, several meetings between writers and translators, as well as informal conversations between participants.

The program sought to provide translators with more tools and greater knowledge of the Portuguese language, addressing typical expressions that have some difficulty in translating and focusing on translating texts by José Saramago and Mia Couto. This Masterclass was replicated, on the same dates, in all European partners of the project.

This project, which is in its second edition, will run until 2023. Its aim is to increase the capacity of a new generation of literary creators to work on an international scale and for a European audience. It allows for intensive transnational cooperation between early-career writers, translators, and literary professionals.

The project provides a four-year course (2019-2023) with training, tools and a network that aims to make an international career possible and establish an integrated professional practice.


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