Josefa de Óbidos Bookcrossing


The movement intends to help free books in the World

Josefa d´Óbidos Hotel opens a reading corner in the village of Óbidos, associated with the international bookcrossing movement.

Starting from the practice of leaving a book in a public place (for others to find and read it), the Josefa d´Óbidos Hotel #josefabookcrossing project helps to position Óbidos in terms of cultural relevance and destination with tourist differentiation. This literary project is inspired by the international bookcrossing movement and aims to encourage the creation of tourism & reading habits associated with the destination Óbidos Creative City of Literature.

In the Reading Corner of the Josefa d´Óbidos Hotel, opened in early 2020, there are more than 300 works in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Hotel guests are invited to leave a book, so that others can find and read it, and take another one with them instead.

Through the #josefabookcrossing, the hotel wants to help spread books around the world, from the literary village of Óbidos. Through reading, and sending photographs of other places where these works will be discovered, the hotel contributes to free books in global destinations, and without geographical borders, and invites you to share these images with the hashtag #josefabookcrossing.

Address: Rua D. João De Ornelas, 2510-074 Óbidos

Contact: 262 955 010


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