Latitudes – Travel and Literature

Latitudes is an event dedicated to literature and travelers and is a meeting point for big names in travel literature. Written, spoken, illustrated trips, bookstores, land, sky, and sea to the table are some of the proposals presented in the four days of the event. It also has book launches, exhibitions, workshops, and literary experiences for the youngest, workshops, music, and conversations.

Special emphasis is given to illustration, either through artistic residencies or through various initiatives of live illustration throughout the town and municipality. In this area, we have the special involvement of Urban Sketchers Portugal, who travel and draw what they observe, and the Grupo do Risco, who make expeditions to draw the fauna and flora of the places they visit. In all editions, we invite international illustrators who bring us a new perspective and perspective on the territory.

Although difficult to define, travel literature seeks, above all, to convey the feelings, experiences, and reflections of a traveler during his journey. This event reflects all this, combining literature with the most diverse experiences, for example, through the gastronomy that transports us to anywhere in the world. Soirées are organized around food and books, giving us unique sensations.

Latitudes follow on from a more global project of making, throughout the year, a series of meetings of writers and artists consolidating themselves in a continuous literary program.

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