FOLIO – Óbidos International Literary Festival will take place between the 14th and the 24th of October, in an edition whose theme will be “The other”.

The event returns to Óbidos and will be the first event to be resumed, in its original format, since the pandemic, caused by Covid-19, brought about an abrupt halt in the town’s cultural activity.

The main writers’ tables and sessions of the event will be concentrated in a tent at Praça de Santa Maria, with limited capacity, and with (free) ticketing and marked seats, to ensure compliance with the space’s capacity. The same will happen with Palco INATEL – concerts main stage – ​​located in Cerca do Castelo.

FOLIO will feature the following programming and curatorship areas:
• FOLIO Authors – Ana Sousa Dias and Pedro Sousa
• FOLIO Educa – Ana Sofia Godinho
• FOLIO Ilustra – Mafalda Milhões
• FOLIA – programming by the Inatel Foundation and Óbidos Criativa, E.M.
• FOLIO Mais – José Pinho

FOLIO had its first edition in 2015 and has become a strategic event, both in the national context and in the territory of Óbidos.

Offering a program that will include book launches, debates, round tables, interviews, autograph sessions, and conversations between writers and readers, FOLIO intends to bring back to the town the cultural and tourist dynamism that characterizes it so much.


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