A secret waiting to be unveiled…

The Pedras de Leitor by Madalena Bensusan exhibition will be on display in the lobby of Josefa d´Óbidos Hotel until January 3, 2021.

The exhibition Pedras de Leitor, by Madalena Bensusan, wants to appeal to a “necessary race to the book”. This message is personified by small white porcelain creatures, imagined by Madalena who idealizes, in each of her pieces, these characters in search of the ideal position for reading. “These little readers jump to screens, rocks, and colorful music instruments and, always with the same energy, trying to reach their favorite object: the book!” says Madalena Bensusan.

However, the “Pedras de Leitor” exhibition is not just for book lovers, because “what I really want is to touch the hearts of those for whom the book and reading aren’t important or have no particular meaning. I try to bestow it with a different meaning, through art, making us think and wander through our imagination, always in accordance with our values ​​and life references” reinforces Madalena Bensusan.

In the same space as the exhibition, the Recanto de Leitura at the Josefa d´Óbidos Hotel which opened in February 2020 – will continue to promote the #josefabookcrossing project that contributes to the positioning of Óbidos, in terms of cultural relevance and destination with tourist differentiation. This literary project is inspired by the international bookcrossing movement and aims to encourage the creation of tourism & reading habits, associated with the destination Óbidos Creative City of Literature.


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