Silver Coast Volunteers is promoting the event “Sharing Happy Endings”, from 21 to 31 December as part of their bookcrossing project. It consists of giving about 300 used books as Christmas gifts to those visiting Óbidos.
According to Diane Noronha, President of the Association, “these books are part of our Book Exchange project,  but for which we no longer have space in our facilities for, as a result of the numerous donations we have received.”
This selection of 300 books – written in English – includes a variety of literary genres: from romance to crime fiction, as well as history books, autobiographies, technical books, and children’s stories. These books, wrapped by the association’s volunteers, will be distributed to the many corners of the town in places of passage and where they are visible so that anyone who finds them can take one for themselves. This gift represents not only the symbol of Óbidos as a literary town, but also serves as a thank you to all those who visit the town during this season.
The President of the Association further states that “In this atypical year that we all live in, the Silver Coast Volunteers Association (SCV) wants to continue writing stories with happy endings. We all know that the Christmas season has been, for many years, a time when the streets of Óbidos are filled with life and visitors. This year, due to the pandemic, the streets feel empty. However, the unique brilliance of our town did not cease to exist, on the contrary. There is a phrase that is inscribed at our headquarters, next to the Town Gate, which summarizes the purpose of this initiative: ‘a book was not written to be kept on a shelf, but to be shared, esteemed and appreciated’, a statement that it makes even more sense at the time, which is about love and sharing, as well as in a year in which even more solidarity between all is required.
Silver Coast Volunteers was founded in late 2016. The idea is to integrate foreign residents, while helping the local community, through voluntary work. Volunteers are currently helping several local non-profit organizations to achieve their goals by providing voluntary labor or donations.

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