Visit Óbidos!


Óbidos is one of the most picturesque and best-preserved villages in Portugal.

Enjoying an excellent location by the sea and with the arms of the Lagoon reaching its hill, these lands have always been inhabited, which is confirmed by the numerous archaeological remains identified in the Municipality of Óbidos, from the Lower Paleolithic through Prehistory until the Roman period.

Within walls, we find a well-kept castle and a maze of streets and white houses that enchant those who stroll there. From the secluded corners and gardens of the old medina to the presence of the Gothic, passing through the Renaissance and Baroque, the Vila is an extensive work of carved art, rebuilt over several centuries.

When visiting the municipality of Óbidos, the visitor will find a diverse set of places to enjoy and activities, from cultural or outdoor activities, or even to a round of golf overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Any time is good to visit Óbidos! For the love stories that are told there and for the medieval environment, it is an inspiring suggestion for a romantic weekend. And if you include an overnight stay in the castle, then the setting will be perfect.

With regard to local gastronomy, delight yourself with our fish stew of Lagoa de Óbidos, and to finish the meal why not try the famous Ginjinha de Óbidos, which can be enjoyed in several places, preferably in a small glass of chocolate.

This historical heritage from other times, combined with the dynamics of cultural programming today, make Óbidos a major tourist attraction.

A visit not to be missed! We are waiting for you!


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