Óbidos is a Literary Town!

As part of the digital programming for the 2020 edition of Óbidos Vila Natal (Annual Christmas Event), promoted by the municipal company Óbidos Criativa, an initiative arises that links the local community to literature and the festive season in which we live. Here, words gain meaning through quotes from the best known Portuguese authors, recited by residents of our municipality and which translate a message of hope.

According to the event’s organizing company, which promotes events linked to Óbidos Vila Literária, it states that:

“It will have a special meaning for us that the community appropriates the poetry of Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking authors, of Christmas imagery, so rich in values, feelings, and emotions, that it mediates it and thus shares it. Among so many meanings and senses that we can give to culture, there will be none more sincere than this one that by sharing gives us a sense of communion and gives us cohesion as a community.

It also has a profound meaning that it is people from the community who make this sharing and mediation of literature with their peers, their families, their friends, and their neighbors. It is in this process that a path of collective cultural appropriation of the community and emancipation of individuals is made.

This initiative is in itself a demonstration of the enormous generosity of these people, who in the context of increased difficulties, posed by the pandemic caused by Covid-19, still did not abdicate from being present and wanting to be close. It is a generosity that calls us to be present whenever circumstances demand us.

In this way, with the knots of our identity and literature and the ties of our culture and poetry, although we are physically distant, we are emotionally closer, better as individuals and stronger as a community.” – Óbidos Criativa


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