The Language – Biennial of Creative Expressions of Language, Portuguese – Brazil / Portugal 2018 – is an initiative of the Associação Portugal Genial presided by Carlos Coelho. A biennial that aims to build “linguistic” bridges between the two Portuguese speaking countries. A call to all lovers of the language for the creation of new relations between culture and the economy.

A GRANTA FOLIO will be launched in Óbidos. One of the many programming moments that will take place at the Tinta da China House and that promises moments of excitement: music, conversations, book presentations, chat rooms and the presence of many special guests are guaranteed throughout the festival.

Counter-Revolutions, “The Secret Services and the Revolution” and the “Islamic Revolution” will be other topics on the FOLIO MAIS program.

There will also be book launches such as Isabel Carmo’s “Na Vanguarda da Luta Armada” (At the forefront of armed struggle) and Paulo José Miranda’s “O Mal”. There will also be an incursion into the technological revolution in the form of writing through the presence of Henrique Monteiro and Pedro Norton from the blog “Escrever é Triste” (Writing is Sad).

The festival already has 14 nationalities for its third edition and will represent the five continents of the globe.

From October 19 to 29, there will be several surprises but also some certainties to which FOLIO has already accustomed us. The concerts will be exclusively produced or will debut during FOLIO, the courses and debates will be singular opportunities of knowledge sharing, the illustrations will gift the village with color and the authors will bring their best words to Óbidos.

It is the year of internationalization, but above all, it is the year of the revolution!


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