FOLIA will once again bring to Óbidos Literary Town a program comprising of eleven days of concerts, exhibitions, theatrical plays and other initiatives. All either exclusive productions or shows that will premier during FOLIO.

In music, the following artists will take stage:

Rodrigo Leão will present a new concert called “The Secret Life of Machines”;

The debut in Portugal of the new show by Maria João with the musical reading of the work of Brazilian author, Aldir Blanc, a homage paid to the revolution of the word, and of the poetic and sung text;

Aldina Duarte with the special participation of Carlão
Vitorino and Chullage

Norberto Lobo and Cante Alentejano
Stereosaurus and a Group of Female Traditional Singers
Luis Pastor

… many other unique musical moments will invade FOLIO with the revolution in the styles and formats to which we have become accustomed and bestow the public of the festival with new perspectives that celebrate tradition and modernity on the same stage.

From Mozambique, Óbidos will welcome – “The Acceptor of Fear” – the largest individual exhibition (in a Museum format) by artist, Gonçalo Mabunda, one of the most renowned names in the international art scene. Mabunda, who has already seen his work in prestigious venues such as the Museum Kunst Palast (Dusseldorf), Hayward Gallery (London), Pompidou (Paris), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo) or Johannesburg Art Gallery (Johannesburg) stands out for his Sculptures built with deactivated war arsenal from the conflict that divided Mozambique for 16 years.

From Russia, we receive a concert, part of the Project “Art Ambassadors”, organized by the Representation in Portugal of the Russian Federal Agency for Cultural Cooperation and the House of Music of St. Petersburg.

Cinema sessions will include Sergei Eisenstein’s “The Battleship Potemkin” and “October”. Experimental theater with the play “A Pança”, based on the book “The Three Fat Men” by the Russian author Iúri Olesha, will also take center stage at the festival.

Integrated in the continuous celebration of Saramago, this year we highlight the 35 years of the book, Memorial of the Convent, with the street show called “Sete Luas” – an original production by Pedro Giestas, created especially for FOLIO. A performance that will liven up the streets of Óbidos with the participation of professional actors and the local community.

We also have Gonçalo M. Tavares who will be at FOLIO to teach a 12-hour course distributed over two days on: Technological Revolution and other themes – Power, politics – literature, arts and contemporary culture course; Óbidos will also count on Ana Paula Laborinho to share with festival participants a bit more on Camilo Pessanha.

In the program developed by CLEPUL, FOLIO asks Professor Ernesto Rodrigues to speak about António Nobre – Camilo Pessanha – Raul Brandão. There will also be a debate on “Where, when and how the world reception of Cervantes began.” Lastly, the debate with Sandra Patrício, Isabel Lousada and Fátima Mariano, who will discuss Claudia de Campos, Mercedes Blasco and Adelaide Cabete, three 19th century feminist authors, will be one of the highpoints of the festival. Also, Dionísio Vila Maior will hold a conference on Futurism.


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