Curator: Maria José Vitorino

FOLIO EDUCA debates literature, education and reading. It offers many debates, workshops and other initiatives on new readers education and educators, libraries and school’s role through learning process and literacy skills improvementt.

This year, we will present the 3rd International Seminar, which includes some of the most important names in Education. Usual participants are teachers, teacher librarians, reading mediators, public librarians, school principals, researchers, and education politic decisors.

FOLIO EDUCA INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR, 20-22th October – already confirmed speakers:
João Costa (Portugal) National Government Education Secretary of State, also a spcialist on Litrerature (Lisbon Nova University)
Teresa Calçada (Portugal) National Reading Plan Coordenator
Manuela Silva (Portugal), RBE National School Libraries Network Coordenator
Maria Helena Melim Borges (Portugal) – Gulbenkian Foundation Portuguese Literature and Culture Department Director
Maria Emília Brederode (Portugal) National Education Council President
Maria Antonia Moreno Mulas (Spain) German Sanchez Ruipèrez Foundation
James Henri (Australia) specializes in School Libraries and Education, developing projects for reading, learning and school libraries in China and Southeast Asia;
Jordi Permanyer Bastardas, (Spain, Catalonia), librarian and Director of the Services of the Deputacíon of Barcelona, since 2008. He shares a bold vision of public libraries and will discuss actions developed in its promotion;
Katy Manck (USA, Texas), President of the IASL International Association of School Librarianship and Librarian;
Donatella Lombello (Italy), Professor at the University of Padua and Specialist in Literature for the Childhood, with an extensive experience in promoting reading and the library development, in Italy;
Edgardo Civallero (Spain), Librarian, researcher, teacher, writer, editor, designer, musician, activist. Of Argentine origin, he is currently living in Madrid, and is renowned for his intervention on oral tradition and indigenous communities and minorities, and the non-European history of the book. He regularly participates in online publications from various regions – Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile. Member of Progressive Librarians Guild.
Sandie Mourão (Portugal), author, English teacher and freelancer. She is a specialist in early childhood education, and believes that picture books and playing freely are essential for learning languages. She also advocates bilingualism in schools. She runs a reference blog and regularly participates in conferences around the world. In 2016, she received the English Language Award from the ESU English Speaking Union for her work Dex, co-authored with Claire Medwell, ed. Macmillan Education.


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